Your Truth Revealed podcast
June 2, 2019

0) Intro to Your Truth Revealed

Sharing the Power of Self-Knowledge. Be Truthful. Know Yourself. Then Flourish.

This original video podcast series offers resources for living your truth that generates an informed and empowered relationship with yourself. Decisions become clearer. Health is easier to maintain. And life feels good!

Season 1 helps you to "Be Your Own Health Expert" as I interview industry professionals to explore your hidden mental and physical health potential. As a video podcast, you have the option to listen to episodes on your favorite podcast app or watch it on YouTube. In addition, if you want to take action, you can join the discussion and buy trusted products.

Remember, what you are striving to become is what you, by nature, already are.

Here’s to being your best self!

Erika--Erika Marcoux, MA Author of Foundations for Living Mindfully