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Great Mental Health Podcast.

Erika is an excellent host and therapist that is sharing life changing information with her clear and empathetic approach. An enlightening and relatable mental health podcast.

I’m grateful!

I’m so grateful for all of the work Erika has done!

Get you some Truth Revealed!

The trifecta: helpful, interesting, and free. Really worth a bit of time, and some subsequent self-reflection.

Give it a Shot

I’ve read a lot of transformational books, and Erika’s method of presentation is easier for me. What she offers is how to reach my physical and mental goals. Test it out and see if this is for you!

Where to begin?!

When you are struggling internally, you don’t know where to start to find help! At least that was the case for me! This pod cast really helped me to have clarity to start on the right avenue. I have found Erika’s podcast to be extremely helpful in bringing awareness to myself!! Love it!!! For sure, anyone can benefit!!

An Empowering Gem!

Erika is skilled in sharing incredibly valuable points of view when it comes to better understanding yourself at your core, who you really are and the amazing individual that you are destined to become. Thank you for sharing this with the world!

Invaluable lessons

In these times, it is invaluable to focus on what we are able to control and what is already within us in order to unlock our best selves and weather any storm, working toward a better world. Thank you, Erika!!

Looking forward to the first episode

I know Erika - she is my confidant, friend and unofficial counselor in real-life. I look forward to hearing from her more!

Everything I need to know!

I’m so excited to hear the next episode and love the free worksheet. Thanks Erika

I’m so looking forward to

I’m so looking forward to hearing what the pros say about health.