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March 18, 2023

2) Know Your Source: Letting Go to Receive Healing

Healing from chronic Lyme disease and coinfections is a whole person experience of letting go. Health crisis can often mark huge spiritual awakening.

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> Summary

Healing from chronic Lyme disease and coinfections is a whole person experience of letting go. In talking with others, I learned that there are many of us experiencing this process. We share symptoms of chronic physical pain allergies, digestive issues, fatigue, anxiety, and even vibrating sensations. I believe these symptoms are signs that we're upgrading our physical bodies. Health crisis can often mark huge spiritual awakening.

The healing process includes detoxing the body, emotion, behavior, and mind.  And allowing the soul to have greater expression as we continue our lives. In this episode, I'll share my experience of what letting go looks like in each of these parts. And if you or a loved one has a chronic illness, this perspective may be helpful as I explain further.

> Detoxing the Body

Let's first talk about detoxing the body. It's best done with the guidance of a functional medicine doctor like Tenesha Wards. Lyme disease is a bacteria called Borrelia that is usually accompanied by co-infections. And when you kill these bacteria with supplements, they unfortunately let off a neurotoxin. As your immune system fights off this neurotoxin, it creates whole body inflammation. And this die off reaction is called the Herx reaction.

For me, it feels like my symptoms get worse with the headache, muscle ache, anxiety, and fatigue. This can be disconcerting when I think that I'm getting sicker. However, it’s helpful to know that the Herx reaction is a great sign, that the supplements are actually killing the bacteria. And this knowledge is powerful knowing that my body is indeed healing.

In addition to killing the bacteria, it's important to detox the body. Detoxing includes removing not only the Lyme, but other bacteria, parasites, viruses, fungi, toxins, and chemicals.

Another thing that I've come to understand about healing the body is it requires energy. This energy is beyond what it takes to carry out its normal functioning. My body is working to heal and transform to reach a higher health potential. Healing can be physically uncomfortable and even painful, but it's essential to the process of becoming well. Patience and acceptance make this process much easier.

> Detoxing the Emotion

I've talked about detoxing the body. Now let's talk about letting go of difficult emotions. I receive help releasing emotions from a practitioner. She uses a technique called the emotion code. It’s an interesting energy healing technique designed to identify and release difficult emotions.

Emotions are made of energy just like the rest of our body. And it can affect our physical tissues. By releasing trapped emotions, we can create the proper conditions for the body to heal. The most energizing and healing of all emotions is love. I have the intention of feeling self-love as much as possible. Although living with a chronic illness is heartbreaking at times.

The predominant difficult emotion I experienced is anger. Anger that my body is not functioning the way that I wanted to. And I know that holding onto this anger causes stress and makes healing more difficult. By letting go, I experienced a release and feel lighter and am able to be more present.

> Detoxing the Behavior

I've talked about letting go of difficult emotion. Now let's talk about letting go of unhelpful behavior. I thought I had a healthy lifestyle before I received the Lyme diagnosis. Yet I've made considerable changes to my daily routine that mark a permanent change in my lifestyle.

Following the supplement protocol routinely is essential. I drink purified water, eat only organic food, and breathe purified air in my home. I received cupping massage, do gentle movement like yoga, sunbathe, meditate, take baths, and swim. Reaching out to friends, family, and those on a similar path help immensely in feeling connection and love.

Learning and sharing information about lifestyle and healing modalities is another great benefit. Reading books, listening to podcasts, and watching videos has broadened my understanding of healing from chronic Lyme disease.

> Detoxing the Mind

I've talked about letting go of unhelpful behavior. Now let's talk about letting go of negative thoughts. It's important to have a positive mindset while recovering. It's easy for me to slip in a negative thinking. For example, I think I'm never going to get better and that my symptoms are permanent. And honestly, it's helpful to think the opposite. I'm getting better every day and my symptoms are improving over time.

As simple as this sounds, I need reminders to stay positive. I have a daily affirmation app on my phone that gives me positive thoughts and it amazes me how effective this is.

Practicing mindfulness is another great tool to let go of negative thoughts. I spend a lot of time outdoors and when I engage in nature, whether it's gardening or taking a walk, I'm able to be objective. And the negative thoughts float away is I focus on the beauty of the natural world. My thoughts become clear and more purposeful.

> Elevate the Soul

I've talked about letting go of negative thoughts. Lastly, let's talk about the spirit. On a soul level those of us with Lyme are almost forced to dig deep and let go of all blocks to self-love. Over time, I've come to see this chronic illness as a physical response to a spiritual awakening. The silver lining with his perspective is that I am empowered and evolving.

And as I expand my self-awareness, my body responds and facilitates this new growth. I'm purposely evolving into a higher consciousness of self-knowledge and self-love. Our souls operated a high frequency, and our bodies must be strong enough to hold it.

I continue to meet special people who understand this process and help me integrate these different aspects of myself. I plan to interview these individuals so you, too, can enjoy their insights.

I want to leave you with the following thought. When we let go of the microbes, difficult emotions, unhelpful behaviors, and negative thoughts we can bring in new and elevated energy. When healing from chronic Lyme is complete, we have an opportunity to be wiser a more compassionate.

If we lean into this illness with curiosity and acceptance and stay the course, healing is certain. I hope you find this perspective to be helpful.

In the next episode Dr Tenesha Wards reveals my diagnosis and discusses great tests that are available.

Tenesha: These tests are definitely not mainstream medicine, and I really think they should be. These are samples of your body. This is where we find the root causes and that's what's missing in a lot of Western medicine labs. They sometimes don't dig this deep.



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